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Bomber Attack

To celebrate sechsta sinn's 10th birthday, here's another video taken directly from the DVW game engine. KPB bombers attack a Bunkermenschen base.

Posted by sechsta sinn on Friday, October 1, 2010

10 years sechsta sinn

Silently, we passed our 10th anniversary some days ago. As a little gift, here’s an older video right from the DVW game engine.

Android Developer Challenge

Google has announced the second Android Developer Challenge and I’m seriously considering taking part. They have ten different categories with three attractive prizes each and one overall category with three even more attractive prizes. Given the facts that there were only 1788 submissions last year, that I have already gathered some experience in mobile device development and that I do work with several Google APIs for my freelancing job I consider my chances not too bad. Idea, anyone? 😉

Firefox AddOns and OS X Software I use

People seem to like posting their favorite plugins and software these days, so I thought I could add my little list of useful stuff here, too. I’m open to suggestions for other good extensions, of course.

Here’s my list of Firefox AddOns I am using actively:

  • Adblock Plus
  • Firebug
    A powerful debugging aid for web developers. Comes with e.g. a DOM explorer and a JavaScript debugger.
  • Web Developer Toolbar
    A toolbar which offers many useful functions for web developers. In particular, I like outlining of block elements or enabling read-only form fields.
  • FoxyProxy
    Manage proxy configurations and use them depending on URL patterns etc.
  • ImageZoom
    Zoom images with RMB and mouse wheel.
  • Foxmarks
    Synchronizes bookmarks. I found it particularly useful to define synchronization profiles so that I can separate work bookmarks from private stuff.
  • Tabinta
    Ever tried to enter a TAB in textarea controls? Tabinta allows you to use TAB there.
  • Flagfox
    Shows the country flag of the server’s origin in the address bar.
  • Split Browser
    Splits the browser window into multiple areas.
  • Nuke Anything Enhanced
    Allows to remove any DOM object under the mouse. Useful e.g. to get rid of layer ads that Adblock Plus doesn’t catch.

I also found the following OS X software to be useful:

  • On the Job
    I bought this one to do my expense tracking and invoicing when I do freelance work. It can be tested freely for 20 days and I really liked it from the beginning, but I got convinced to buy when it offered me another 10 days trial after the first period was over – wasn’t that nice?
  • Cyberduck
    Great FTP client.
  • TextWrangler
    Powerful text-editor with FTP-support.
  • The Unarchiver
    Unarchiver which supports plenty of file formats. Good replacement for the native ZIP tool which is pretty limited.
  • LabTick
    A little tool which keeps the keyboard light on all the time, independent of the ambient light.
  • Little Snitch
    Firewall which monitors outgoing traffic and keeps programs from “phoning home” if you don’t want them to.
  • ChMox
    Tool to read Windows CHM files.
  • 0xED
    Small and fast hex-editor.

ELFrun featured on YouTube channel

mattin found ELFrun featured on “Englishtwist’s” Christmas Countdown for December 3rd. If you want to see the whole ELFrun intro video (because you don’t have an iPod/iPhone, of course, otherwise you would indeed buy the game to watch it), have a look at his footage starting at about minute 4 :-)

There’s another video from “ipodtouchlab” who is featuring ELFrun over here with two (simple) levels of gameplay. I’m really wondering whether someone will ever make a movie of the harder ones.

ELFrun gameplay video #1

mattin created a new video which shows ELFrun from starting it up on the iPhone to finishing a level (and most of a bonus level). It’s one of the easier levels at the beginning (level 5), so there are not many obstacles and the speed is still pretty low. I guess playing a higher level through a camera is pretty much impossible.

ELFrun is also currently featured on, hooray!

I was a bit scared how fast ELFrun was pirated, though.