trimplement was the first company I founded in 2010, together with two amazing colleagues from my then-job.

We have a great homepage showcasing our products and services nicely, so I will spare you the details and just drop a link here. →

Instead, I’ll share a more personal note.

When it comes to the inception of trimplement, there’s one specific memory I cherish. In 2008, I joined ClickandBuy as a software architect – but more importantly, I joined a group of highly skilled and driven engineers. We regularly discussed the latest movements in tech over lunch and fantasized about starting our own companies.

One year later, some time in 2009, a colleague asked a question in a private conversation that would turn my career upside down very soon after:

Matthias, do you want to work as an employee
for the rest of your career?

To this day, I am grateful to him for approaching me. He assembled a small group of people who were building stuff in their spare time, willing to go the extra mile, and we started something together. From this moment on, I slowly left the security of a permanently employed position and started my journey into self-employment.

Another year later, we incorporated trimplement and sold our first product.

Today, we’re a team of ~20 highly specialized online payments, emoney and virtual account management technology experts. We enable other businesses to launch faster by building upon our products and by consulting them with more than 100 aggregated years of experience in the online payments space.

I never learned how to run a company and I’ve never been the pick of the bunch. However, from all the things that it takes to keep a company afloat for more than 13 years, there’s one thing I want to take credit for: it’s for selecting the right employees and building an amazing team. Placing bets on the right people, getting them onboard and helping and seeing them grow is one of the most rewarding things about being a founder. And while customers and projects come and go, strategies change and pivots happen, this is one of the continuous themes about running a company.