Nomado aimed to offer personalized travel experiences with specialized partners worldwide. People came to Nomado to book their best trip ever and share their experience with all their friends and family.

Nomado landing page for Russia as a travel destination

Nomado was a project built together with my colleagues from trimplement and a few other business partners. We had a few contacts in India, so the original idea was to leverage those to offer authentic travel experiences by allowing travellers to stay with local families. Later we pivoted towards a booking platform where travellers could book activities directly at the local tour operator. The project eventually failed for reasons that are probably worth a dedicated blog post one day.

Keywords Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, JSF, Facelets, GWT, jQuery

The trip could be compiled from a map view.
Activities could be planned according to preferences.
The trip was arranged around a timeline – a feature we stole from Facebook at that time.
We had lots of content from one of our project partners, who was a tour operator in Russia.
A database of locations and possible travel routes was built to ease planning.