Ever since I released the very first version of my jQuery plugin to fake Facebook Messenger interactions on an iPhone →, I thought that it was an ideal candidate to build an editor around it because in order to use the project in HTML/CSS/jQuery-based web-projects, there was always a certain amount of coding which had to be done.

BotPreview became that editor.

In a nutshell, BotPreview allowed to sketch a possible course of a conversation and experiment with it before writing a single line of code. Such conversation mocks can be exported either as generated HTML/JavaScript (using my plugin), or as an MP4 video, or can be shared online.

Target audience are marketers, entrepreneurs and designers.

BotPreview homepage:

Update: On May 10th, 2020, I pulled the plug and shut down BotPreview to focus entirely on my spare time project 20 Seconds. I’ve written more detail about that here.

Keywords Java, Spring Boot, Facebook Messenger, Ember.js, Sass, Bootstrap, ffmpeg, PhantomJS, Chrome Headless