Die verbotene Welt

“Die verbotene Welt” (“The forbidden world”) is an award-winning real-time strategy game for Windows, Linux and OSX, built by sechsta sinn, a team of amateur game developers.

DVW was a hobby and the team met for a weekend every three or four months – just for the fun of it. The game was developed in our spare time for about ten years until development completely ceased around 2013. We got pretty far during the first years, but once one after another finished university, got permanently employed and eventually started a family, progress slowed down significantly.

As the lead programmer, I oversaw the entire software development process, game design and architecture and auxiliary tools development. I contributed a significant part of the existing code base of ca. 220k LOC C++ and 30k LOC Lua.

sechsta sinn homepage: http://www.sechsta-sinn.de →

Keywords C++, Lua, Game Programming, Game Development, OpenGL, SDL, wxWidgets, Crossplatform, irrKlang, zLib