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ELFrun submitted to the AppStore

  1. Juhuuhuuhu!

  2. Nice one Matt. And much props to Mattin as well, of course.
    If only I had an iPhone .. 😉

    And as an aside: It wasn’t hard to guess that mikel would own an iPhone, was it? :)

  3. It was much more surprising that he’s reading my blog. Cheers, Mikel!

  4. Looks very nice, congratulations :)
    What 3D engine did you use now? Unity?

  5. Nope, SIO2. See It’s a nice engine written in C which has a good Blender toolchain (probably something for Irrlicht, too).

  6. Hi Matt,
    congratulations, ELFRun looks great! It is your first iPhone application? I wonder how many people have worked on that including music, graphics and so on. How much time did it take overall? What about your experience with Apple while pushing your game to AppStore? Too many questions at once, but your answer will be much appreciated. I’d like to create applications for the iPhone as well. I’ve just started by switching to Mac and installing XCode. 😀

  7. Jakub, yes, ELFrun was our first iPhone app. We were a team of one graphic artist, one sound/music guy, one legal/marketing expert, one producer and one programmer (which is me). From installing XCode to publishing the app I needed about two months and I did all the programming in my spare time after my day job (fortunately, though, with the support of a good engine (SIO2, and a nice community around it). Eventually publishing an app is pretty easy from the technical point of view, premised that you know some pitfalls. E.g., I used relative paths in the XCode project settings for build output, like “../../build”, which doesn’t work when signing an app for distribution, and that costed a whole day to find out. The other thing is all this legal stuff, US taxes, etc., but fortunately we had someone who cared for all this. Good luck!

  8. Hey Matt,
    thank you so much for your answer. We are a couple of developers, who are really enthusiastic about the iPhone development, so your advices are really helpful for us. Thank you once again for sharing your experience and wish you good luck with other iPhone apps. Of course, I’m about to buy your ELFRun right away. 😉