ELFrun featured on YouTube channel

mattin found ELFrun featured on “Englishtwist’s” Christmas Countdown for December 3rd. If you want to see the whole ELFrun intro video (because you don’t have an iPod/iPhone, of course, otherwise you would indeed buy the game to watch it), have a look at his footage starting at about minute 4 :-)

There’s another video from “ipodtouchlab” who is featuring ELFrun over here with two (simple) levels of gameplay. I’m really wondering whether someone will ever make a movie of the harder ones.

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ELFrun gameplay video #1

  1. Hi Matt,
    Delighted to find you whilst surfing the net.
    My name is Sheridan – everyone calls me Shed for short.
    My life is about creating ideas and working with the most talented people to make them happen. I’ve got quite a few (good, I think) ideas for iphone apps. Would you ever consider looking at them with a view to partnering on them perhaps?
    All the best,

    wiht genius

  2. Shed, are these ideas of the “CHEESUS CHRIST” category?