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Firefox AddOns and OS X Software I use

People seem to like posting their favorite plugins and software these days, so I thought I could add my little list of useful stuff here, too. I’m open to suggestions for other good extensions, of course.
Here’s my list of Firefox AddOns I am using actively:

  • Adblock Plus
  • Firebug
    A powerful debugging aid for web developers. Comes with e.g. a DOM explorer and a JavaScript debugger.
  • Web Developer Toolbar
    A toolbar which offers many useful functions for web developers. In particular, I like outlining of block elements or enabling read-only form fields.
  • FoxyProxy
    Manage proxy configurations and use them depending on URL patterns etc.
  • ImageZoom
    Zoom images with RMB and mouse wheel.
  • Foxmarks
    Synchronizes bookmarks. I found it particularly useful to define synchronization profiles so that I can separate work bookmarks from private stuff.
  • Tabinta
    Ever tried to enter a TAB in textarea controls? Tabinta allows you to use TAB there.
  • Flagfox
    Shows the country flag of the server’s origin in the address bar.
  • Split Browser
    Splits the browser window into multiple areas.
  • Nuke Anything Enhanced
    Allows to remove any DOM object under the mouse. Useful e.g. to get rid of layer ads that Adblock Plus doesn’t catch.

I also found the following OS X software to be useful:

  • On the Job
    I bought this one to do my expense tracking and invoicing when I do freelance work. It can be tested freely for 20 days and I really liked it from the beginning, but I got convinced to buy when it offered me another 10 days trial after the first period was over – wasn’t that nice?
  • Cyberduck
    Great FTP client.
  • TextWrangler
    Powerful text-editor with FTP-support.
  • The Unarchiver
    Unarchiver which supports plenty of file formats. Good replacement for the native ZIP tool which is pretty limited.
  • LabTick
    A little tool which keeps the keyboard light on all the time, independent of the ambient light.
  • Little Snitch
    Firewall which monitors outgoing traffic and keeps programs from “phoning home” if you don’t want them to.
  • ChMox
    Tool to read Windows CHM files.
  • 0xED
    Small and fast hex-editor.

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