digitalbreed framework

I am getting dumb of writing the same code over and over, so I am finally in the process of setting up a C++ framework with core functionality I use in almost every project: macros (e.g. assertions), helper functions (e.g. pattern matching), serialization, virtual file system, XML support,… Some of the stuff is extracted from what I wrote for DVW, the VFS and XML stuff in particular.

I am thinking about writing more articles on this, like I did for the serialization part. Let me know whether you’d like to read more so that I can estimate whether it’s worth the effort. I would start with the VFS and head over to XML support.

  1. I would like to know how you do pattern matching (Perl regular expressions?). The VFS also sounds interesting (compression? mixing files inside/outside the VFS?).

  2. VFS would be nice indeed, since there’s not too much information on that subject out there so far.

  3. I’d pretty much like to see such a series from you indeed, mate.
    First reason is that such a thing really would provide compressed insight into various subjects every programmer runs into sooner or later.
    Second reason is there’s never such a thing as too much information on a subject.
    And third reason is that I personally struggled with especially VFS for a long time and I’m curious on other people’s solutions, so I can compare ’em to mine and see where I can adapt and beautify my solution there :)