GTK Font Size

Although I’m not a Linux geek, I play around with it from time to time. I have a Gentoo installation on my notebook. One might argue about the different distributions, but I found this one to be the most intuitive among the ones I tried.

Today, I updated to the current Eclipse 3.1 M5a milestone, which I use at work, too. I had no trouble with this version yet, and if it’s good enough for work, it’s fine for using it at home, isn’t it? I did not use portage, but downloaded the GTK 2 binary instead.

One thing I disliked was the huge font size. I was able to customize most font sizes in the Eclipse options, but the main menu remained in its original way-too-large size. I found out that this was some kind of GTK default font, so I searched for a way to change it, and found a little handy tool called gtk-chtheme. I downloaded it using emerge gtk-chtheme and was then able to change this main font easily. Now everything suits my needs, and I surely will use Linux for development more often.

Short rant: for a long time, Visual Studio was my favourite IDE; then, I got to know Visual Assist and thought that VS alone was quite limited; then, I started to write Java code for a living and thought that Eclipse was an even more powerful IDE (a big plus are the great refactoring possibilities of Java, so this is not a real IDE argument); now, I got to know IntellJ IDEA and I’m looking forward to having the $499 bucks to spare. But I guess until then Eclipse ripped off all the great features 😉

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  1. Thank you! This was driving me crazy too. emerged, tweaked…. now all fixed!

  2. Seconded! Hard to locate any info on this issue, and thanks to your post, it’s all fixed now.