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And the beat goes on …

I had to recognize that the amount of entries in my personal worklog at sechsta sinn dramatically decreased since we returned from Dusmania 6.0, June 19th/20th. But it’s not only me who became slower, as it seems. We made plans to speed up the development of our game, decided what to do the next twelve weeks or so, and were full of beans. Today, about ten weeks later, virtually nothing happened. Yes, we did do some planning, all of us coders did do some code, and the graphic artists did work on some gfx stuff. But it was nothing compared to the amount of time and the potentials we had. Although the discussion we had that Sunday outside of the Dusmania halls was quite lively, it seems like it revitalised our motivation only for that one day. After we went home after this weekend everyone seems to have fallen back into his personal lack of motivation. One point indeed is that our project lead Jochen is currently busy with relocating to Finnland for some time, and one of our coders, Julius, is relocating as well to start his CS studies the upcoming semester; mattin was busy with a contest contribution (I guess he’ll win, won’t he?), Christopher and I are busy with our girlfriends, Gereon has his own little game project and works hard for the universty, and so on, and so on.
And this is the other point: everyone has become more and more busy with other stuff besides sechsta sinn. It’s hard to tell whether this trend is just a short term phenomenon … but I better don’t think about what it means if not.

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