Welcome, stranger. I felt like writing some blog stuff again after I saw WordPress and thus decided to start another attempt. I don’t feel like attracting lots of people or assert claims on posting some intellectual stuff here, but maybe someone likes to read the opinions I share with the WWW. For now, I have set up two categories for topics I like to write about: Game Development and Personal — I guess they are self-explanatory.
Anyway, just some words on my motivation to write about Game Development at all: as most people, I love to dive into fantastic worlds, fantasy or scifi, past, present or future. But since I can remember I did not only like to play, read, participate; I preferred to create my own worlds, stories, rules. I started to draw a lot of comics as a child, later I wrote short stories. Finally, I learned programming on a C64 at the age of 10 – that was in 1989. (In fact, I even started at the age of 6, but at that time, I had to ask my dad to use his computer, and he mostly decided to deny and to send me to play outside instead.)
I guess I made a very typical way then: from BASIC over Assembler to Pascal to C/C++. As before with one goal in my mind: to create my very own worlds. So that’s how I came to Game Development.
After 15 years of programming it’s still a passion of mine. I’ve been working for Electronic Arts in the meantime and had opportunities to join several other well known German developers. I also sneaked a peek into medical computer graphics when I wrote my CS thesis last year – quite an interesting field. But I decided to join some more conservative branch of the industry for now. While I’m working as a software engineer in the security management area, I still work on my game projects in my spare time: sechsta sinns Die verbotene Welt (The forbidden World), an award winning real time strategy game project, and Pre Mortal, a bizarre medieval adventure game which is yet to be announced.
So, that’s about Game Development so far. Feel free to take a look at the projects and enjoy your stay. Let me know how you feel about the entertainment industry, the weather, your mother in law, or whatever – I’d be happy to hear from you.