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Learning Grails the hard way: Facebook Authentication

Learning Grails the hard way: Facebook Authentication

Every now and then I try to explore a new programming language. Last year, I tried Scala, this year, I’m fiddling around with Grails. My first attempt was to try something I already implemented in other languages, like verifying Facebook’s signed_request. It’s fun to see what I tried to get it running and how a short version by a more experienced Groovy coder looks like.

Compare both versions after the break if you like.

Facebook/Flattr/… Clickjacking Examples And How To Avoid It

Facebook’s “Like!” button, the Flattr button and plenty of other widgets work pretty much the same. You either create some IFRAME directly (Facebook non-XFBML method) or include some JavaScript which then injects the IFRAME into your DOM once it’s ready (Facebook XFBML, Flattr). The widgets provide you with some cool social one-click-functionality. That’s nice and easy… unless someone’s planning to mess around with it.