irrKlang fully integrated

After I finished the Windows integration, Christopher did the necessary work on the Linux version (basically editing CMake files) and Jan did the OS X version work tonight (messing around with an XCode project in this case).

Let me cite him to show how damn easy it was.

[00:31] <sheijk|6S> sound geht ohne absturz: check
(Sound works without a crash: Check.)
[00:31] <sheijk|6S> musik laeuft artefaktfrei: check
(Music runs without artifacts: Check.)
[00:31] <sheijk|6S> das ganze hat abzueglich rebuilds < 10 min aufwand gekostet: check (Subtracting the rebuilds, it took me less than 10 minutes of work: Check.)

irrKlang is now fully integrated into DVW and if the next release will overcome its last minor issues, irrKlang will officially become our audio library of choice. It’s always a pleasure to work with Nikos code. And, no, posting three irrKlang entries in a row this is not advertising but pure excitement.

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