Samsung SyncMaster 204B

I promised I would open a new category Hardware, so here it is…

To the left, you see the upper right corner of my Samsung SyncMaster 204B. When I started my computer this evening, I recognized this strange color effect. Yesterday I just told Julius that I never had any problems with this TFT and he bought one today, and I was thinking about buying a second one, too. And now this!

The bad thing is that this TFT has a pixel fault class II. Now I was wondering what would happen if I would get an alternate device with a pixel fault? I would find this much more annoying. This little color bug is merely invisible when you’re sitting right in front of the TFT, it only gets more obvious if you look from the perspective I took the photo from.

So what? :-/

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  1. Hi !

    I jsut browsed through the web and found your blog and wondered about it: I own a SyncMaster 204B myself and a few months ago, a defect pretty much exactly like yours apperead on it. It’s a small rectangle in the upper right that makes everything there yellowish. the more you look at it from the upper right the smaller it is and the more you move your head to the lower left the larger it gets. I always thought it’s not a defect of the pixel layer but something behind it. As if the lighing is only yellow instead of white behind that area. I actually own two of these displays and only one has it. I’m sure it didn’t have it at the beginning.


  2. Sounds like we have the same problem with our TFTs. Are you going to do anything about it?

  3. No. One option I have would be to let it be replaced by some random other instance of that model – and they don’t exchange them with new ones but with reworked ones others exchanged earlier. So using this exchange service is just a waste of time unless the tft doesn’t do anything at all anymore.

    Another option would be to open it and see if just something got loose inside and need fixing. But that’ld void waranty so I won’t do that either.

  4. I fear that this is an irreversible stain of the surface behind the pixel layer, most likely caused by heat. But if you ever inspect this, let me know what you found out. Now that I learned that they don’t exchange them with new units, I won’t do anything about it, too.

    But I guess I will get another one anyway. Won’t look too good if I have two different TFTs on my desk.

  5. Just so you know. Same problem here.
    I just noticed this today while installing XP again.

    What I find surprising is that my ‘yellowish’ spot looks _exactly_ the same as yours. And from the looks of it also like Marcs. Hardly a coincidence, wouldn’t you agree? Did you ever care to cantact Samsung about this directly?