Preibo is a chatbot for Facebook Messenger. It “understands” Amazon product links, ASINs, ISBNs, and lets you search on Amazon. Any found Amazon product can be added to a watchlist and is then continuously monitored by Preibo. Whenever the price drops, a message is sent. The name “Preibo” is short for the German “Preisroboter” (price robot).

I am fascinated by the paradigm shift that chatbots introduce. While we worked hard towards a responsive, mobile-first, retina-ready, cutting-edge user experience, chatbots reduce UI/UX to one of the very basic means of user interface: text input and text output.

I wrote a longer piece on Preibo and Facebook Messenger trends on Facebook (German).

You can learn more about Preibo on the Preibo Homepage → or give it a try directly on Messenger: →.

Keywords Spring Boot, MySQL, Facebook Messenger Platform, Amazon Product Advertising API, Bitly API, Mailgun, Ember.js, HTML 5, CSS 3, Sass, Bootstrap, Font Awesome